There are Systems and Systems: Towards an Integrated General Systems Theory


  • Elisabeth Dostal BiomatrixWeb
  • Roelien Goede


integrated general systems theory; biomatrix theory as meta-systems theory; framework for classifying systems methodologies; framework for classifying general systems concepts; the biomatrix as field and web, different types of systems


This paper provides an overview of key concepts of Biomatrix Systems Theory and a framework for classifying systemic methodologies by means of mind-maps.

The theory was co-developed by the Biomatrix Research Group in an interdisciplinary PhD programme at the University Cape Town, South Africa with the aim of co-producing an integrated trans-disciplinary systems theory.

We suggest that the concept of the biomatrix and its different types of systems can be the foundation on which an integrated General Systems Theory can be further developed.

Those concepts and some others are briefly described in the paper and illustrated with graphics.





2023 RGTS: Research towards General Theories of Systems