W/Holistic Participatory Democracy: An Ideal Societal Governance Design


  • Elisabeth Dostal BiomatrixWeb


W/holistic democracy, direct democracy, participatory democracy, ideal redesign, transmorning democracy, transforming societal systems, transforming societal functions.


This paper proposes the ideal design of a W/Holistic Participatory Democracy, based on the application of generic concepts of Biomatrix Systems Theory.

The model distinguishes between the development of the nation as a coherent whole (i.e. as a social organism with a unique ethos) and its functional development.

Based on this distinction, it proposes different government forums and various measures that encourage a more direct participation of citizens in societal governance. It also suggests that citizens participate in national governance as equal members of society and in functional governance as member of the specific function of which they are part.





2023 OTSC: Organisational Transformation and Social Change