Systemic Ageing Policies - a Global Problématique as an example for Systems Sciences and Systems Practice with Cybernetics and Ancient-Modern East-West Systems Thinking

系統老齡化政策 – 一個全球性問題的古今中外系統科學與系統應用


  • Thomas Sui Leung WONG Ancient Balance Medicine Education Center Ltd


Active and Healthy Aging 活躍及健康老齡化, Ancient-Modern East-West systems thinking 古今中西系統思維, Global Problématique 全球性問題, Stakeholders-Observers 持份者-觀察者, Yin-Yang spectrum 陰陽譜, Emergence 湧現, Cybernetic 控制論, Boundary openness 開放式邊界, TCM2GST platform中醫系統理論平臺, Five-elements Society System EMSCE: Economics-Management-Social-Cultural-Environmental 五行社會系統 經濟-管理-社會-文化-環境, Confucianism - Buddhism - Taoism - Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM 儒釋道醫, Five Elements Systemic Healthcare 五行健康養生, Individualism-Collectivism 個體主義-集體主義, Innovation-Continuous Improvement 創新與改進, Mentor-Successor Education System 師徒教育系統, Robotics 機械人技術, Smart City 智慧城市, Social Change 社會變革, Duties-Rights Systemic Ethics 義務-權利系統性倫理道德, Systems Thinking ST 整體觀,系統論, Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Engineering 中醫藥工程學,, World Health Organization WHO 世界衛生組織


Active and healthy ageing has been investigated by the World Health Organisation WHO and governments in many countries. If anything is an open system, then the Elderly system could not be closed! Hence we need to investigate the possible and important connection between the Elderly system and other systems. A healthy society would require a dynamic balance among different sub-systems and the environment. We would like to compare the two possible solutions from a reductionistic approach and that of a systemic one. This would involve systemic wisdom from different SIGs to work together to address issues arise from the current balancing points of different Yin-Yang spectrums with Cybernetics and Ancient-Modern East-West Systems Thinking. Possible spectrums could be the elderly-youth population system, retirement-workforce society, duties-rights ethical perspective, ancient-modern culture establishment in societies. This would involve concepts from Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The human body will fail eventually with ageing, but systems scientists have the responsibility to implement systemic strategies that could help the elderly to fail gracefully and systemically. Elderly healthcare is not only about the physical body but also involves Mental, Emotional, Behavioural, and Spiritual aspects. Innovation is the process arises from the emergence of functional new systems supported by various stakeholders-observers who could realise the new connections between different existing sub-systems. Therefore stakeholders-observers' involvement is of utmost importance. Such an active and healthy systemic ageing systemic proposal could well be applied to ISSS itself.

Author Biography

Thomas Sui Leung WONG, Ancient Balance Medicine Education Center Ltd

Lecturer, Ancient Balance Medicine Education Center Ltd. 
Researcher, Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute.
1999 - Master of Engineering in Telecommunications (by research), Australia Telecommunication Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.
1998 - Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of TCM, China. Include one year full-time internship in Guangdong Provincial hospital of TCM at different departments.
1992 - Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology with first class honours (by research), University of Western Australia, Australia.