Interactive Workshop: Systems Thinking Made Simple (DSRP)


  • Matt Chadsey Nonlinear Ventures


DSRP, Cabrera Research Lab


This interactive workshop is for anyone interested in learning and practicing the foundational ideas of DSRP. We’ll show you how systems thinking emerges through application of these four simple rules developed by Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera at Cornell University. We’ll provide an overview of the research, concepts, principles, and practices that support this work along with tangible examples of how it can be applied to wicked business, social, and personal challenges every day. Since practice is the key to mastery, the workshop will include ample breakout time for participants to apply and discuss the rules in small groups. By the end of our time, you will be able to apply the four rules and will be better able to get what you THINK to match what is REAL.