The Art and Science of the Impossible: The Human Experience


  • Delia Pembrey MacNamara University of Hull


In 2020, governments worldwide placed their countries in lockdown to preserve the health of their citizens. The term "unprecedented" rippled across Western media to describe the phenomena of deaths, governments' subsequent response, and the disruption to society on multiple levels. Climate change is a reality that humanity must address before reaching another existential crisis. At the same time, new forms of artificial intelligence are entering our lived experience. There are plans for trips to Mars, SMART cities, augmented and virtual realities, robots, and much more. What we once considered science fiction is becoming a reality as humanity pushes the boundaries of what was thought possible. We are experiencing a volatile, dynamic state of politics, technology, and society, that is creating ambiguous and uncertain futures.

Author Biography

Delia Pembrey MacNamara, University of Hull

My PhD research investigates "Systemic Leadership in a networked world: A focus on Boundary" at the University of Hull. My research initially focused on open innovation and collective intelligence, yet findings from my MBA Research (2011) found that leaders' personal boundaries were key to the adoption, implementation and success of both CI and OI. I am studying under Professor G. Midgley, Centre for Systems Sciences, Business School, University of Hull, UK.


2022-02-24 — Updated on 2022-02-24