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What Do You Want from Your AI? 

What Does It Want from You?


  • Paul Paul Pangaro Carnegie Mellon University
  • Tasha Russman
  • Tirelle Barron


Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Algorithmic Bias, Social Media


Today’s AI is pervasive and ___(adj) ___ and certainly ___(adv)___ stinky! You know what we mean, right? 

Have you ever ___(past tense verb)___  when one of your AI devices has ___(past tense verb)___? What about when your kids’ devices have ___(past tense verb)__? 


Join our interactive playshop where collaborative games will help ___(verb)___ your experiences with AI today. It just might change how you ___(verb)___ about what Google results ___(verb)___ and what Youtube presents as a ___(noun)___. Don’t forget, what FB puts in your News Feed should ___ (action verb)___ your network.

The goal is to ___(verb)___ second-order view of your own ___(noun)___ and also co-evolve ___(noun)___. We’ll explore cybernetic ___(noun)___ instead of artificially-intelligent ___(noun)___. Let’s go ___(activity)___ instead of digital ___.

Come with a playful ___(noun)___ and ___(adj)___ mind to critique and ___(verb)___ our future and our ___(noun)___.