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The Value of 5/25 RoundTables in a Workplace: Toward a Tool for Workplace Renewal

The Value of 5/25 RoundTables in a Workplace


  • Laura Braeunig National Inspection Testing & Certification, Corp


Previous research on the use of RoundTables in both classroom and professional group settings (Gabriele, 2002, 2011, 2014, 2015) has demonstrated a positive impact on the creation of healthy learning communities, positive identity development, and respectful behavior. More specifically, the use of a RoundTable design fosters sustainable, inclusive, and emancipatory learning environments.  RoundTables are designed with a strict format in which a Facilitator reads a script allowing five minutes of reading and twenty-five minutes of equal-turn comments among participants. The proposed research seeks to explore whether implementation of a monthly 5/25 RoundTable, conducted via Zoom, are generalizable in a workplace and to what extent employees perceive the use of a RoundTable format as fostering a 1.) sustainable, 2.) inclusive, and 3.) emancipatory learning environment. Additionally, this study seeks to determine whether employees demonstrate an increased desire for individual workplace learning after implementation of six, monthly 5/25 RoundTables. Use of participant surveys, observer mapping, and time-and-task analysis of RoundTable Guides and recorded sessions will be used as study data.  In organizations where workplace and individual learning is not a priority, use of the monthly 5/25 RoundTable format may demonstrate positive results, not only in workplace culture, fostering positive identity and respectful behavior but will also affect an increased desire for individual learning and knowledge sharing among employees.  


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