Cultivation of Perception and Creativity by Repeating Soft Systems Approach


  • Taketoshi Yoshida Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Knowledge management, Creativity, Design thinking, Soft systems methodology, Social system theory.


Employees learn not only expertise on a given problem but also how to solve problems collectively and collaboratively together with others leading to innovation. When they perform innovative activities, they demonstrate collective creativity and perception on the basis of communication. This paper proposes a soft systems approach to cultivate such collective creativity and perception of employees. This approach assumes the use of the soft systems methodology or the design thinking methodology; both consist of the inquiry and learning cycle equipped with the function of double loop learning. An innovation process is viewed as a nexus of self-referential communications by the selectivity of information. It can be said that the selection is performed unconsciously, based on one's norm which is the basis of creativity and perception and is born of experiences. It is shown that management of motivation, intellectual curiosity, and spirit of inquiry is required to strengthen one's long-term memory and hence creativity and perception according to results in brain science. In cooperation with such management, rich experiences of innovative activities are required to strengthen creativity and perception, and for the requirement the soft systems approach proposed in this paper plays the role to share rich experiences among employees.




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