Immersive and Interactive eLearning in Universities


  • Elvira Avalos-Villarreal Yes


Knowledge Management, Technology Management in universities


Educational systems in universities have  changed very fast, e-learning is the most important change to improve the whole system in the last years  and there are many specific technologies
 to be included in new solutions,

In this  paper, we propose how  to select and integrate these technologies  in a specific solution, combining  Technology  and Knowledge Management.

The first task is to study and develop several TIC´s applications to improve the learning process. After that the main   effort is to review the university infrastructure and  its knowledge system.

Besides , it is important  design and organize an educational system applying proper pedagogical principles, using many available contents of knowledge and combining all them in classrooms with many tools to create a dynamic interaction, immersive visualization , collaborative work and permanent evaluation .

Knowledge Managements help teachers achieve this objective of knowledge development. In universities, it is a combination of experience, values, specialized information and expert insight for creating and improving individual competencies. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the educational system in universities in order to define and use proper tools for integrating a new modernized system of e- Learning. If the available resources are low, the system is simple but if the  technological resources  are  high  we would have an immersive and interactive system.

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Elvira Avalos-Villarreal, Yes

Mexico City



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