Evolutionary Guidance Media: An Overview


  • Dana Klisanin


evolutionary guidance, social change


Students of history are taught that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked the beginning of World War I. Today, we might wonder if the students of tomorrow will be taught that 12 cartoons ignited World War III. The importance and power of media continues to expand exponentially, increasingly asserting itself as a critical factor in our lives. As the world continues to interconnect, the potential exists for media to impact the individual and global psyche in a manner hitherto fore unimagined. Creating a new guiding mythos that promotes psycho-spiritual growth is considered necessary to create a sustainable world. Utilizing evolutionary guidance systems design, evolutionary guidance media (EGM) has been designed both in context and content specifically for the purpose of promoting planetary consciousness. This paper provides a brief overview of EGM for the purpose of generating strategic and evolutionary conversations within the international community.

Author Biography

Dana Klisanin

Independent researcher with a special interest in applying theories from systems sciences, particularly evolutionary guidance systems, to the creation of media that promotes planetary consciousness. Earned Ph.D. in psychology from Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center.



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