Which “Language” need Organizations for a better Conversational Interaction? A Systemic View on applied every day Business Language


  • Filippina Risopoulos University of Graz


conversational interaction, language, systems thinking, problem solving


There is a tendency to take the human verbal communication within an organization for granted, and to underestimate its effects on many levels. This contribution addresses the question of which interactive human language is suitable for complex business systems such as innovative organizations. To be innovative - briefly speaking - means to be in a permanent state of change and problem solving. Very often it is not so much a question of the causal principle, if – then (e.g. if we introduce a new machine, then we will make more profit), it is more a matter of how everything is connected, or rather, how everything fits together (e.g. how can persons in middle management transfer new ideas from top management to product developers? What language do they use to make themselves and others understandable and vice versa? What can be done to consider the wishes of employees by the leadership). In most organizations there are traditionally “top down instructions” (e.g. from top manager to employees) either verbal or through medium such as written documents, e-mails, instant messaging and others. Very often there is a block in the flow of information and people often do not know about higher objectives and what they are really working for. This leads to a lack of identification and motivation with one’s work and subsequently with the whole organization. Behind those “top down instructions” one can find willingness, unwillingness, appreciation, refusal and so on. In this contribution some suggestions will be made for a better “understanding” between people within a company. A special focus thereby lies on the use of human verbal language.

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Filippina Risopoulos, University of Graz

Researcher and Lecture Responsible for: Communication Research Sustainability Research (Co) Systems Research



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Risopoulos, F. (2006). Which “Language” need Organizations for a better Conversational Interaction? A Systemic View on applied every day Business Language. Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the ISSS - 2006, Sonoma, CA, USA. Retrieved from https://journals.isss.org/index.php/proceedings50th/article/view/343



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