Organizational Creativity as a Prerequisite for the Generation of Innovation


  • Gerald Steiner University of Graz


Creativity management, collaborative problem-solving, Planetary Model, change, knowledge, sustainable innovation, wisdom, complex problems, systems thinking


The creative performance capability within organizations depends on a comprehensive set of influencing factors such as personality traits and also – and this is the main focus of this paper – the design of the problem-solving process and the prevailing innovative climate. Furthermore, the question must be asked how to support the creation of ideas at an individual, organizational, and inter-organizational level in general. Here, the ability to generate ideas strongly depends on the creative capabilities of the involved entities. In order to organize this complex system of creatively generating ideas, the “Planetary Model” is introduced. Different to most other models used for explaining creative processes, this model takes into account the dynamic interaction of such systems. Therefore, the understanding of the complex real-life process of creative problem-solving can better be understood. By combining this model with the various single stages of a sequential innovation process that can easily be translated into specific working steps, the project related performance can be improved by simultaneously providing for positive organizational effects in the long run, probably also leading to sustainable innovation.

Author Biography

Gerald Steiner, University of Graz

Researcher and lecturer Responsible for: creativity research / industrial design / sustainability research (co)



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