Achieving the Sustainable Development through the world


  • hyuk kihl kwon South Korean Society


sustainable development, achieving sustainable development, global system, local system, complex systems


Achieving the Sustainable Development is an important problem for us to solve. It’s because the Sustainable Development is related to our future. As we know, so many people interested the Sustainable Development. But, the Sustainable Development is not easy to achieve. By the way, our global environment is worsened day by day. Sustainable Development is serious problem not only any country but also every country. Therefore, Sustainable Development must be achieved through the world. We need a long-term vision of sustainable development with the global development community. Actually, growing the environmental catastrophes led us got a new trial for the sustainable development. In general, the proponents of sustainable development tend to explore the sustainable development, plan the environment-friendly policies, suggest the environmental protection, and research the principles of sustainability. Also, I’d like to explain the world sustainable development system consists of several local sustainable development systems. My paper begins with a brief discussion on various forms of environmental crisis to resisting sustainable development. And, I will research how the model of sustainable development articulates the environment-development linkages in both global system and local system. The prospects for global sustainable development today are similar to a complex system. Also, it’s related with each component. I will research how many problems to be solved for achieving sustainable development through the world. The final part of the paper I want to make critical examines the major limitations of the model in dealing with the environmental question through out the world, and makes some suggestions in my way for the sustainable development. Keywords: sustainable development, achieving sustainable development, global system, local system, complex systems

Author Biography

hyuk kihl kwon, South Korean Society

chungbuk National Univ. Dept of National Ethics Studies Professor. Ph.D



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