Evolving Science & Humanity: Humanity As A Relational Ground


  • Ayten Aydin


Science & Technology, Mechanistic & Humanistic World-views, Quantity & Quality, Optimality, Complex Living Systems, Analaytical & Analogical verifications, Art & Science Collaboration, Individual & Societal Wellbeing as the ultimate objectives


The objective of this paper is to reflect on and search for answers to questions of how to: • understand and cope with ever-growing and spreading worrisome world issues and problems; • activate the human wisdom and its inherent ability for seeing the latent solutions and opportunities through the clouds of increasing complexities in all life matters, as effective internal healing tools so as to help place both scientific and human evolution on their closely collaborating right tracts. In a nutshell, achieving a balance in all life-matters may reveal the looked for answers to above-cited questions. This in turn requires abilities for both analogical understanding and analytical knowing concerning both scientific and everyday life matters. Within the context of the above objectives, following general reflections on the situation, inquiries are made within the four interrelated areas listed below, which directly concern the persistently prevailing human quest in the context of the modernity. These are: • Validity of the present foundational scientific world view for the sustainability of humanity and its environment and new horizons in this vein; • Sustainability of the present rural-urban human settlements in connection with the resource availability and use and prospects for future; • Sustainability of the well-being of individuals and of societies; • Support expected from academic and communication societies in the fields of formal and informal research and education and communication as well as for their wider dissemination in order to assure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Author Biography

Ayten Aydin

Former UN/FAO Senior Advisor (retired)



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