Reducing Acquisition Cost by Minimizing the Requirements Solution Space

Bradford A. Logan


The purpose of this paper is to explore the need to develop a methodology for reducing acquisition costs by minimizing the requirements’ solution space. The requirements solution space is the result of two or more solutions, resulting from the interpretation of system’s requirement. This can be problematic if solution spaces created by the requirements do not: 1) fall within the systems’ prescribed solution space, 2) or if the solution spaces from other neighbouring system requirements oppose one another. If either of these situations is realized, there will likely be negative consequences relating to costs, schedule and quality.

The author briefly explores critical requirements and the relations to their respective constraints. In doing so, the concept of assigning a degree of freedom (DoF) nomenclature to these critical requirements is introduced, which helps relates the DoF to complexity. This nomenclature will prove instrumental in providing the initial assessment to the number of potential solutions existing per system requirement. The paper will also establish a relation between the requirements DoF, complexity and cost.


Requirements; Degree of Freedom; Complex Systems; System Boundary; Feasible Solution Space

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