Toward the Design of an Audiovisual Room for the Cultural Tourism in México

Ricardo Tejeida, Julia Navarro, Miguel Patiño, Julian Pätiño


The Mexican leisure sector needs demonstration, promotion, commercialization and development tools that places it in any market segment. This can be achieved through more flexible audiovisual media such as multimedia and virtual reality.

During the last years, improvements in Information and communication Technologies have brought substantial changes in the way of making business, as well as in the teaching-learning process and in the offered services, always looking for quality improvements.

This article, as part of an investigation in process, proposes the design, with the help of systemic methodologies, of an audiovisual room model with new information and communication technologies. The challenge is to promote part of the prehispanic History of Mexico, in an attractive way, both for the national and the foreigner tourists, having the purpose of fulfilling the demands of the cultural tourism and increasing the competitiveness of the main prehispanic touristic attractiveness of Mexico.


tourism, systemic methodologies, IT, competitiveness.

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