What do innovative leaders have in common with ancient myths? A view of the archetypal hero within the modern manager

Filippina Risopoulos


This contribution explores what modern managers have in common with heroes in ancient myths. Myths and religions have always tried to explain truths by means of symbols to some degree. It is the purpose of this contribution to uncover some of the truths behind the figures in ancient myths by investigating some examples and letting the old meaning become apparent by itself.

Innovative leaders need to gain certain competences for several management fields and they have to be flexible in their thinking and acting. One function of a leader is to help the organization define and achieve its purposes. This means formulating strategies, visions, and challenges. Another function of a strong leader is to embody the spirit of the community and help hold it together.

Once it is apparent that the differences between ancient myths and today’s myths are much smaller than is popularly supposed, this paper may contribute to those currently working for unification in the sense of human mutual understanding.


myths, managers, heroes

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