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Keywords, New digital medium generalization, theatre theory, media theory, presentation organization and control, EDDSWEMM update.



This paper shows how a new, green, paperless, digital medium, EDDSWEEM (Electronic Digital Display With Embedded Multi-Media), may be generalized to facilitate organization and control of multimedia and avoid  difficulties observed in a human speaker and multi-media presentation recently. At an Easter program this year, multi-media were used in a presentation of oral, musical, lighting and large screen digital displays where there were problems getting a video to work. A presenter used a remote clicker and read from a digital screen when progressing through his talk with some periods of difficulty because of the distractions of using those means of control. EDDSWEEM was recently described at a presentation at the 2018 annual conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences in Corvallis, Oregon, as applied to literature and the theatre.

The new medium uses the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Word--standard on many PC based computers--as a display medium. As pointed out in 2018, many media may be embedded in Word document and controlled and displayed by continuous of the. Using the new medium, Word documents are controlled and displayed by continuous scrolling of the Word file without page boundaries and with appropriate clicking of icons or links. Such media may include other MS Office APPs. Testing of such "scripts" before a presentation/performance ensures freedom from the difficulties noted above; this principle may be applied more generally--limited only by imagination of the script author. The action of using the new medium and the varied content provides increased stimulation of the audience central nervous system (cool-ness). With it there are also productivity gains, and increased information communicated in the same amount of time by paralleling oral presentation with the digital display. Obviously this format is deaf inclusive.

This paper includes a cursory review of past media and asserts that, generally, they are subsumed by a new medium--at least over time--a new addition to media theory.           

As shown in the 2018 paper, a new medium requires a new format, and the new format spurs creation of new content.  As applied to augmentation of contemporary theatre and a new, stand alone literary genre, this new content may move away from storytelling only, and move more toward delivery of information about ideas. As an example (but in no way example-limited), the idea of an emotional situation may be dramatized in theatre or displayed for a single "reader" on a computer monitor. This idea orientation is generalized in a simple idea oriented play production  model augmented by EDDSWEMM--an addition to theatre theory. That model is then generalized for any live speaking presentation augmented by multi-media. This subject affords opportunities for new research in the fields of Information Science, Media Studies, Communication, English, Cultural Change, Deaf Education, Drama and presentations.

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