Nonlinear Systemic Thinking: Synergic Epistemology


  • Yeon-soo(Youn-soo) Shim(Sim)


nonlinear systemic thinking, synergy, epistemology, mind, components of mind


Quantum physicists studying the essence of existence have discovered the connection between the constituent quarks and gluons within atomic particles. The interconnected synergy of rationality, sensibility, understanding, intuition, and imagination as components of the human mind is equally important, even if not as yet scientifically proven. The environment in which humans are located is a nonlinear system, but humans can grasp even nonlinear systems because the human pure spirit connects consciousness and comprehensive awareness with objects to be known.

Author Biography

Yeon-soo(Youn-soo) Shim(Sim)

Professor, Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences, Honam University, South Korea



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