Our GSTS Founders' Goal: a single grand encompassing theory embracing all systems. The First Proposal on the Table: James N Rose 'Integrity Paradigm'


  • James N Rose Ceptual Institute


single hypothesis General Theory of Systems, unification of systems models, Integrity Paradigm, Ceptual Institute, Entropy, Systems Couplings.



         "Our universe harbors nothing 'alien' to its own existence."

                                                                                  (J N Rose, 1996)

The sentiment of this sentence embodies the ultimate validating quality of our universe, as proposed by the founders of a "(Single) General Theory of Systems".    The universe is an existentially holistically related entity .. all of it. By necessity, there are qualities and relations shared by 'all possible behaviors and activities' in the universe.  This implies that we should be capable of explicitly describing the underscoring shared properties of all events and instantiations of being.

Even in the most extreme conditions/qualia of existence possible, the universe has to be comprised in such a way that even the 'seemingly most antithetical' mutually exclusive incompatible properties .. actually can and do co-reside naturally within a larger perspective domain.  Such as: "complete disorder" concurrently co-resident with "perfect ordering".  At first, the properties of one of those sub-domains would seem to have no interaction~relational properties for correlating and accessing information, or data, from -or- to, the other.  Yet, in a wholly consistent and coherent universe, we have to posit their essential familial connectability and reconcilability of attributes. And be able to enunciate them accurately - architectures, dynamics, behaviors - the instantiations -and- the extant descriptive models/languages.

This is a first-in effort to identify and enunciate those universal qualia, properties, relations, mechanisms and action drivers – the primal non-volitional and the volitional - together.

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James N Rose, Ceptual Institute

General Systems Analyst



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