2019 Bertalanffy Lecture: A Candidate GST: Systems Processes Theory (SPT)


  • Len Raphael Troncale California State Polytechnic University


Bertalanffy, systems processes theory, GST, systems science, SPT, Isomorphies


This talk begins with a concise overview of Ludwig von Bertalanffy as Founder of GST and the ISGSR, forerunner of the ISSS. His main contribution may have been his focus and emphasis on how systems work, the mechanics of systems dynamics, the isomorphies true of many different systems. The talk will begin with a citation of the original objectives of the SGSR as formulated by Founders like Bertalanffy and will cover as many of the following additional topics as possible within the allotted time (although all of the slides and handouts will be available whether delivered or not):

(1) The extent of Isomorphies developed by Bertalanffy; (2) Other Founders and their often-forgotten cross-disciplinary contributions; (3) Overview of >100 GST Sources; (4) Dispersion or Fragmentation of Theories: Half Century Need for Unification; (5) Desirability of debating Criteria for a GST and for a Science of Systemness to increase rigor and acceptance of our approaches; 

(6) My LifeWork in ISSS: Origin of & Intention for SIGS & Change of Name to ISSS; (7) Conflating Systems Thinking [ST] & Systems Science [SS]; (8) Need for A Science of Systems; (9) Odum, Miller, Haken as Prototype Sciences of Systems & benefits; (10) Brief Analysis of Current SIGs in ISSS; (11) Need to Know Systems Mechanisms to Fix or Better Design Systems;

(12) Shortest Intro Possible to Troncale SPT as a GST & SS; (13) What Is An Isomorphy in SPT; (14) Alternative Lists of Isomorphies in SPT; (15) Sample of Extent of Natural Science Literature on Isomorphies, Utility of Harvesting or Incorporating into GST attempts; (16) Linkage Proposition Advance of SPT; (17) TEN SPT Spin-Off’s;

(18) Systems Archival Resources at new Claremont Office; (19) Current Modeling Attempts; Odum to NPS to ?; (21) SPT as Model of Models; Library of Models for each Isomorphy; (20) Exemplar Applications of SPT to Engineering, Industries, Natural Systems; (21) SPT as Descriptive, Prescriptive, AND Normative; (22) Science-Based Values for Tech Era from SPT: From Tao of Systems Science to Emergence of Meta-Humans; (23) Announcement of the newly forming International Society for Systems Pathology (ISSP), ISGE & USSO Workshops.

Author Biography

Len Raphael Troncale, California State Polytechnic University

 Dr. Len Troncale is Professor Emeritus of Cell and Molecular Biology, and past Chairman of the Biology Department at California State Polytechnic University. He is also Founder/Director Emeritus of the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies, and Coordinator of its NSF-supported Systems Integrated Science General Education (ISGE) Program. He has served as VP and Managing Director of the International Society for General Systems Research (SGSR), and President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS). He still serves on the Board of Trustee's for ISSS. He was a member of the Board of Directors for the International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR) from 1982-85 and a Research Associate at the Int'l Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria. He has served as Visiting Professor at CSU, Monterey Bay and CSU, Sonoma, as well as the University of Vienna. He is Project Lead on two projects of the Systems Science Working Group (SSWG) of  INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering). Dr. Troncale has published 120 articles, abstracts, editorials and reports, served as Editor on 11 projects, delivered 115 invited and computerized presentations and demo's in 23 countries and served as P.I. on 52 grants and contracts for $5.3M from a variety of federal, state, and private organizations such as the NSF, DOE, ONR, HUD, HHMI and Keck Foundations, and the CSU System. He is the Founder of the Systems Processes Theory, and Systems Pathology Theory (as well as new specialties such as Systems Allometry, Systems Mimicry, and SysInformatics). In Systems Biology his specialties are Evolution of Cell Division, Cell Differentiation Models, chromosome territories, and the nuclear matrix (nucleoskeleton). He is currently President of GSRDC (General Systems Research, Development, and Consulting).



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