Workshop: Innovation and Optimization: Effective Paper Presentations


  • Sara Noemi Castiglioni "Instituto Tecnologico Buenos Aires", "UTN.BA"
  • Kendra Rosencras


innovation, visual thinking, collaboration, dissertations, presentations, nature


Enhance your presentation skills and develop strategies for communicating effectively with a variety of audiences through this workshop on effective paper presentations. Whether you are a seasoned presenter, or just starting out, this two-hour, hands-on session will provide valuable tools that you can adapt to every situation to engage audiences and make your presentation memorable. 

The first part of the workshop will draw on strategies taken from nature to explore different types of presentations, structures, timing, and how to use visual thinking, as well as effective body language. In the second part, participants will collaborate to create mini-presentations using the skills and strategies covered in the first half. During this interactive session, participants will be grouped into teams to develop and practice their presentation skills, as well as play the role of stakeholders / audience members to give feedback. 

This workshop is considered especially useful for students working on their dissertations, because it will provide a safe environment to co-create the dissertation journey using visual thinking tools and the input of colleagues.

Author Biography

Sara Noemi Castiglioni, "Instituto Tecnologico Buenos Aires", "UTN.BA"

PhD Candidate in Leadership in Systemic Innovation, MSc in Quality Engineering, BSc in Chemistry, Business Coach.



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