Systems Approach: Concept Proposal to Develop Saudi Arabia Low-Complexity -Defense-Spare-Parts Manufacturing Industries, Utilizing Technology Transfers and Business Incubator


  • Basem Abdullrahman Fallatah University of Dayton


Saudi Arabia, Saudi Vision 2030, Systems Engineering, Systems Modelling, Conceptual Model, Capability Development, Technology Transfer, Business Incubators, Manufacturing, Technology Capabilities


The overall goal of this projects is to adopt and build on three of the Saudi vision 2030 “thriving economy” theme third-level objectives that include (1) Localize military industry, (2) Nurture and support the innovation & entrepreneurship culture, and (3) Grow SME contribution to the economy.

One of the very important initiatives of the adopted “thriving economy theme to our area of concentration is planning to grow the economy by manufacturing half of the defense needs within the Kingdom, with the intention to offset the economy, keep more resources in Saudi Arabia and to create more job opportunities for its citizens”.

The main research question explores how to develop a conceptual model to demonstrate how innovative technological initiatives contribute to localized military equipment manufacturing technology.

The research process includes creating a conceptual model meant to assist with the development of low-complexity-defense-spare-parts manufacturing industries, utilizing technology transfer and a business incubator. The model will include (1) adopting a Systems Approach to better understand the nature and the scope of the problem statement (2) developing a Conceptual Model for high volume, low mix, low complex spare parts manufacturing industries that will contribute to the national defense industrial sector, (3) investigating the adequacy and limitations of the Innovative Concept, (4) validating the model by analyzing the alignment of the concept with the systems methodological strategy.

This project utilizes an applied research (often called action research) as its methodology. This methodology applies a systems approach and related systems thinking to ensure a holistic understanding of the nature of the problem statement.

The literature review bodies clustered beneath the category of “Technology and Innovation Management” and addresses classifications of the major approaches to the issue of localizing the defense manufacturing industry. Moreover, the literature review in the field of innovation, technology transfers and Systems Science have been analyzed.

While this project is still ongoing, the hypothesis of this conceptual framework will address the need to develop a flexible model that contributes to the current and future challenges as there is a lack of an adequate model to guide Saudi government on how to develop the SME defence manufacturing industries in order to become aligned with their country’s vision 2030.



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