A Study on the Learning Mode of Tourism Experiences


  • Hsin-Chuan Lu
  • Jehn-Yin Wong
  • Shih-Hao Liu


Action Learning, Travel Experience Learning Model


Travel experiences while learning where the traveler goes and what different things they see from everyday life. This brings pleasant, meaningful, and valuable experiences. Dewey's (1938) theory of experiential learning emphasizes “learning by doing ”. He learns and gains by reflecting on the insights. His personal observation and actions reflect certain behaviors. The process of experiential learning in tourism is an extremely important elements which complement each other.

The purpose of this paper is to construct a “travel experience learning model” based on the “empirical learning theory”. The general mode of discussion includes topics i.e. the motives of the travel process, decision-making, project implementation, and reflection. However, there have been a few studies on motives, choices, decisions, and implementation plans for research on tourism. In the past, research on tourism related areas was primarily in motivation, choice decision-making, and implementation plans. There was little discussion about an individual's experience promoting the growth process. Therefore, the tourism experience learning model was the subject of inquiry. Based the qualitative content literature analysis, the relevant conceptions of the travel experiences of “knapsack tourism” and “self-help tourism” findings, the framework of the “travel experience learning model” was extracted as the goal. Finally the tourism experience learning Management implications discussion.

Author Biographies

Hsin-Chuan Lu


Jehn-Yin Wong


Shih-Hao Liu




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