Social responsibility and ethical issues about smart technology usage


  • Vasja Roblek


corporate responsibility, artificial technology, ethics


The new forms of smart and artificial intelligent technologies present a great risk to the society (political – ethical challenge). For this reason, the ability of the society's decision makers to prepare an appropriate ethical response is needed. The paper is focused on the outline the main social, economic, and ethical issues, raised by the faster development of the smart and artificial intelligent products or services in everyday life processes. Smart technologies can today explore their environment, communicate with each other or with humans and help their users. The development and implementation of the smart technologies in the human environment is and it will be influenced by social and economic changes and opening new social and ethical problems in the near future, because smart technologies are now: (i) invading into the sensitive human areas and allow others to come easier for sensible private information in real time; (ii) causing job losses; (iii) replacing humans for tasks such as driving and more demanding (e.g. management of the industrial processes). The paper presents the issues of technology and human sciences. It is going for a complex subject which is quite often misrepresented, some of the fundamental concepts relating ethics in science and technology are recalled and clarified. At the conclusion of the paper social responsible model for implementation of the smart technology in human environment will be presented. The purpose of the model is to provide ethical and social norms and thus protect human before the socioeconomic changes caused with the high penetration of smart technologies in human everyday life.

Author Biography

Vasja Roblek

Vasja Roblek, MSc, is a PhD student at the Faculty of Management Studies in Banking in the Faculty of Economics, University university of Ljubljana and finished his Master of Science Study at the Faculty of Management, University of Primorska He is a professional consultant with extensive experience in strategy and business development. Research's experience includes management, innovative economy, sustainable development, web marketing and qualitative methodology. He has published several scientific papers in international journals and he is a co-author of the book on Sustainable development.



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