What Does Constructor Theory Construct?: Knowledge As a Physical Property


  • Aleksandar Malecic


anticipation, autopoiesis, self-awareness, universal constructor, determinism


“Constructor theory of eigenbehavior” is the most appropriate short way to describe what this paper is about. To those who have encountered the idea of eigenbehavior for the first time through this text, let’s say that it is related to recursions within and emergence of consciousness and information in general. In a back and forth manner between constructor theory of possible tasks and eigenbehavior as a viable (since it passes the test of existence) phenomenon, we shall try to tell something about the fabric of reality. This author uses in an already published paper the metaphor of systems as footprints and wonders what kind of “animal” (constructor) might leave them behind. This text goes further in combining and criticizing constructor theory with the concept of eigenbehavior. Interpretations of quantum mechanics and physical principles are also elaborated.



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