Systemic Integration of Spatial Knowledge in Business


  • Cirilo Gabino Leon Vega IPN
  • Ciro David León Hernández
  • Rabiendranath Reséndiz Vázquez


system, space, business


A model to achieve technological development (DT) is proposed, in particular a satellite, with the following sub phases: 1.Analysis of International satellite system; 2. Analysis of the National satellite system; 3. diagnose, using the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats); 4. Proposed solution; 5. Mission, vision, values and strategic objectives of the proposal; 6. Strategias using SWOT combinations: FO, FA, OD and AD; 7. Action plan; 8. Technological development.

With analysis and diagnosis it was found that one of the great strengths in this country is the development of scientific research, in particular space, since the forties, but it is isolated, ie, not integrated in the productive industry and therefore state policy proposes  establishing humanistic satellite companies to promote and preserve the ecology, self-financing, public, mixed, or private initiative, integrating scientific, basic and applied research, based on the goals, objectives and marketing strategies. Companies call for the design, construction and launch of satellites, thus providing efficient, fast, safe and cheap services to meet the demand of domestic and international users, as developed countries have done through their space agencies, in order to have DT in this area.