Toward the definition of the local development system in tourism


  • Abraham Briones Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo
  • Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla
  • Erika Cruz-Coria


Local Development, Tourism, Systems thinking



The local development is an interpretive concept, which is generated by the definition that individuals and groups make on it. However, in general it helps to reduce poverty by expanding the people's capacity to generate productive activities that have an impact on the social and individual wellbeing. Tourism is a relevant activity for this type of development, because it allows either people or communities to interact with other actors in order to get bases to support its own development and the development of the environment. This function begins with understanding the use of the livelihood means and the relationship among the different environments that make up the local development. In this study a theoretical proposal is presented about local development through the systemic view in order to generate new ideas that support the local development of communities through tourism activity in Mexico.



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