Systemic Design Panel - (inter)actors’ Pecha Kucha


  • Liss C Werner


Systemic Design, economy, anthropocene, conversation


a conversation

It is undeniable that systemic design approaches almost all disciplines and hence offer potential for a similar understanding (a general system) of how to design, which behavioral, technical or structural rules to follow, to take on board or to create. The panel takes on the role of a ‘crisp’ conversation between a variety of  ‘design’ perspectives in different disciplines, driven by and focusing on the challenges the anthropocene brings. Aim is to present short varying pitches ranging from innovation to material resilience, the relevance of geo-tagging or the necessity for education in design thinking. Pitches are to clarify and to confuse, to trigger and to embrace, to innovate, to criticize and to shake up.  

The format of the panel acts as interface and as systemic design methodology in itself. 5x15 slides, presented for 20 seconds each describe the blueprint for an agile construction.

Author Biography

Liss C Werner

Architect, Berlin, RIBA I / II, Ma UCL

Adj. assoc. Professor at Taylor's University, Kuala Lumpur

Adj. Lectur Computational Architecture, DIA, Dessau International Architecture Schoon



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