Education for an emerging society


  • Violeta Bulc Vibacom
  • Jacqui Wilmshurst


social patterns, social evolution, innovation based thinking, system thinking, education for emerging society


"Social evolution is showing us some interesting patterns in the behaviour of our society. It seems that we have in some ways trapped ourselves within the structures that we have created. Throughout the brief history of the educational systems typical of our time, we have encouraged the development of competences in people that best serve the needs of the structures of the current paradigm in our culture and not the people. It seems that we have been trained and educated to improve technology, processes and organisations as our primary goal, and have neglected as a result the well-being of people, of the animals, plants and of the planet itself. In this article we point out some indicators that are encouraging us to see new patterns emerging that relate to our individual and collective consciousness. In the paper we also share some practical examples that present different approaches to learning. We can sense changes at many leverage points in our society. For example, at the widest level in our ways of organising, ways of learning, ways of understanding, ways of being and ways of doing. We argue that these changes are often provoked by problems and opportunities of an emerging "innovation based" thinking, and by the higher levels of collective and individual consciousness. The paper presents "systemic thinking" as one of the key elements when searching for more effective and sustainable new solutions. It also presents a possible scenario at the higher education levelĀ in a connection with the commercial world as viewed by the Challenge:Future global youth, by the authors' experiences from the field (for example corporate environments and local communities) and by experiences gained from using innovative approaches in the higher-education teaching."

Author Biography

Violeta Bulc, Vibacom

director, owner



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Bulc, V., & Wilmshurst, J. (2014). Education for an emerging society. Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the ISSS - 2013 HaiPhong, Vietnam, 1(1). Retrieved from



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