InCo movement - practical experiences of system approach with local and global impact


  • Violeta Bulc Vibacom


The project described in this paper is a practitioner's experience about changes that a passionate and a professional movement can make based on systemic approach and heart energy. Thousands of people were touched by it, challenged, encouraged, recognized, and supported in their own pursued for contribution.

It was not done rationally nor due to an extended explicit knowledge about systemic and systems thinking. That came later and helped us to understand better the inner strength of the movement. It came naturally. We were trying to understand the concept of an innovation ecosystem as a whole in order to be able to see which parts we might have a capacity to address, as well as to understand their co-relations. It is based on a local initiative that spread very fast internationally and started to connect with many similar initiatives around the world, e.g., Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford University, Change The Game initiative from Austria, European Journalistic Centre etc.

 Our friends and co-creators are from many different countries: India, Portugal, Austria, Uruguay, USA, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, etc. We contributed to the launch of several local initiatives, e.g. Heart of Slovenia, "Forest kindergartens", InJo and InCo national awards, Management Forums, etc. We co-created with other institutions and professionals many papers, conferences and initiatives addressing the power of movements, innovation, intuition, social responsibility, and civil participation.

The first events and gatherings were followed by a model, than we created a common long term mission, followed by a tangible and non-tangible results, sparkles in people's eyes and many more tools that we made available to everyone that expressed an interest. In the e-book "The power of contribution", which we are officially launching in Vietnam, we show how we came about, what are the results, who we share the passion with, and where our dreams are leading us in the future (for now).

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Violeta Bulc, Vibacom

director, owner



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