Is it Possible?


  • Ricardo Barrera


Global Eco Civilization, thrivable systems, ecological footprint


The theme of the 57th Meeting of ISSS, systemic leverage points for emerging a Global Eco-Civilization, in view of curating the conditions for a thrivable planet, is a great challenge. As Alexander Laszlo said in the Presidential message of last year, according with Donella Meadows, the most powerful leverage point is at the level of paradigms. So, the task is exhibit current and emerging initiatives to do that. But, as the old adage, attributed to Bertrand Russell, says, “things done by half are never done right”. All who intend to work in this, and want their effort is rewarded with a long-standing transformative action term, and not content with achieve a fleeting feeling of doing the right thing, take this into account.

Is it possible to share, create, and innovated theories, methods, and practices that foster new paradigms in planetary thrivability and systemic conviviality? This paper reviews some issues and difficulties inherent in this subject. And, at least, offer to share an experience in Patagonia, to create a tool for decision-making from the ecological footprint of a little town.



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