A Life in Systems


  • Fred Young Phillips SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Korea


Systems thinking, cybernetics, complexity, memoir, history of science


The author’s career in systems began in 1971 at General Motors Research Laboratories, where he was told to replicate the Club of Rome model, and continues now as he edits the Elsevier journal Technological Forecasting & Social Change. Highlights included years working with Ilya Prigogine; graduating from Abe Charnes’ Center for Cybernetic Studies at Texas; visits to the Santa Fé Institute; and introducing information-theoretic methods to the management field (while arguing with Bayesians). The paper offers lessons learned and perspectives drawn over this span, with regard to computation, big data, and sustainability, as they pertain to the study and management of complex systems.

Author Biography

Fred Young Phillips, SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Korea

Professor at Stony Brook University. Afiliado at CENTRUM (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Lima). Senior Fellow, IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin.  Editor-in-Chief, Technological Forecasting & Social Change.



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