Causal Loops in Automotive Recycling


  • Ezzat El Halabi The Australian National University
  • Matthew Doolan


System Dynamics, Causal Loop Diagrams, recycling


Each year in Australia, more than 610,000 cars reach the end of their use cycle; termed End of Life Vehicles (ELVs). The market-driven recycling of ELVs in Australia is done by operators in the automotive industry with no ELV-specific policies governing their operations. System Dynamics is applied to the automotive recycling sector. Across three Australian states, thirteen stakeholder interviews were conducted to identify the flows of materials in the system and the influencing factors driving these flows. This paper presents a discussion of the causal loops and scenarios identified from interview data and field observations around the dynamics of ELV Sourcing, Workforce, and Premises relating to the automotive recycling business. 

Author Biography

Ezzat El Halabi, The Australian National University

PhD Student - Research School of Engineering



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El Halabi, E., & Doolan, M. (2013). Causal Loops in Automotive Recycling. Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the ISSS - 2012, San Jose, CA, USA. Retrieved from



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