• Elvira Avalos-Villareal POSGRADOS


Keywords Knowledge Management, Education System, Innovation


Knowledge is the main interest in universities, enterprises and research institutes.  National systems of innovation and production are also related to technology and knowledge. Unfortunately technology policies and management knowledge policies in both levels seem to be inexistent in most cases or disconnected in few cases which  are more or less defined.


National Systems of Innovation may be viewed as a way of encompassing the many relationships between  technology,  economic development , trade,  education quality and social improvement . 


Technological learning and its application across  sectors of a country  require of an education system  strong,  up dated and efficient to guarantee competitiveness  in terms of production


The links between national  science, technology, industry,  education, economic development systems  are many and each of them receives the  effect of the others- So the policies on each of them need to be defined as an integral whole-. Strategic orientation,  formulation  and integration  is the support and a good  way to have good results in the market competence.


Public management In  almost all countries is not enough systemic  nor  integral  to  make possible a design of a set  of policies   in the mentioned fields.


Particularly in emergent countries it is necessary to make an effort to assure a better congruence between policies. This paper tries to help achieve this purpose. 

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Elvira Avalos-Villareal, POSGRADOS




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