Satellite System Problems in Mexico


  • Cirilo Gabino León Vega Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • Adrian E. Elizálde Medrano Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • Erick Velazquez Lozada Instituto Politécnico Nacional


Satellite, Mexsat, technological management, Mexican satellite system.


The Mexican government managed its satellite system from 1985 to 1996. After that Satmex, a private company was contracted. For financial and administrative problems it has not been possible to replace the satellites that go out of service in 2011 (Solidaridad II) and 2013 (Satmex 5) For this reason the Mexican government, at the end of 2011, announced through the Secretaria de Comunicaciones y transportes (SCT) that the Mexsat system would commence under the control of pubic administration. However is not possible in such a short time to solve this problem due to the risk that Mexico could lose a geo-stationary orbit. The goal of this work is to avoid situations like this, promote public and private investment, provide an efficient, fast, safe and cheap service that  meets the demands of users. To achieve this, we need technology management, which allows  making new proposals according to the needs of the country. This management involves: political, social and economic fields.

A planning model will be proposed with a systemic approach based on planning models including those of George Stainer, Russell Ackoff in order to detect system problems,  causes and propose strategies and solutions for  the technological management of the Mexican Satellite System. This will be based on the standards, conventions and national regulations of international satellite communication systems, to rationalize the system of knowledge to make an impact on this country's technological development



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