The Malik SuperSyntegration as the most effective and efficient tool for large-scale disaster response coordination


  • Anja Reissberg Malik Management Zentrum Sankt Gallen


My proposal is to use the Malik SuperSyntegration (MSS) as a tool to set up the most efficient and effective disaster response for catastrophic events – in as short as 2,5 or 3,5 days, organized right after the event.
MSS is a revolutionary highly innovative tool based on our 30 year research tradition in cybernetic management. This method is an extremely effective and efficient problem-solving tool with groundbreaking superlative results to deal with high complexity and solve the biggest challenges and the most pressing decisions of the top management level. It uses the power of up to 40 key players and their collective knowledge in the intelligence-enhancing, brain-interlinking architecture of the Syntegration.
It has three parts:
- an innovative cybernetic communication process for knowledge and intelligence enhancement
- our holistic management systems for effective and efficient functioning of organizations
-    a menu of simultaneously implemented cybernetic instruments to control complexity
The decision process is speed up 100-fold and the people effectiveness is enhanced 80-fold. It is holistic and integrates 4 dimensions: technical, cultural, management/control and time level.
Right after a catastrophic event, as seen during Katrina and in Haiti, resources poor in and much efficiency and effectiveness is lost in the beginning due to coordination and information failures. This unique tool comes to solutions with enormous speed and implementation power to coordinate organizational networks. MSS has proven successfully in over 500 applications without failures, in the business and non-business sector. I am proposing to use this tool as a setup to coordinate disaster management efforts and enhance resource (time, money, manpower) efficiency by a great deal to help victims more quickly.
A more interlinked world needs more effective organizations. Cybernetic tools entail completely different, innovative and creative solutions for the business and non-business sector that the methods used today cannot provide.

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Anja Reissberg, Malik Management Zentrum Sankt Gallen

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