• Jan Skrbek


Communication, emergency, crisis, information, distribution, Radio-Help, position based broadcasting


Crises can occur on any day in our lives. Contemporary society is increasingly exposed to a multitude of situations where it is required to reconcile the diverse information needs of differing groups of people in different places. The consequential level of economic and human loss depends on timely and relevant information distribution together with appropriate guidance to actual and potential victims.

The sharing, distribution and dissemination of adequate information in special and unexpected situations is one of the crucial roles of any governmental level. Unfortunately this role is not always fulfilled correctly. The current emergency and communication systems, controlled mostly by governmental agencies, are currently unable to satisfy the existing information needs of individuals as well as distributing the required information only to affected areas. Critical deficiencies of current warning system are highlighted in the paper, including failure of information channels during electrical black-outs and absence of positional based broadcasting.

The article describes Radio-Help as a possible solution based on the integration and exploitation of existing ICT.  The special broadcasting sender transmits in HD-Radio or DRM mode data and voice to Personal Communication Terminals (PCT) that are, for the most part, already integrated within mobile phones. The role of PCT is compared with that of position codes in digital broadcasting. Matching of internal and received codes activates radio reception in the target location. The Radio-Help receivers could be realized as an integral part of any audio/video devices.

This paper outlines systemic approach to alternatives based on the integration and application of Radio-Help system with respect to real problems using examples in transport and electricity distribution.



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