Analyzing and Improving Chicken Meat Supply Chain Using Beer's VSM, SCOR model and Ackoff's Circular Organization


  • Kosar Darivandi Shoushtari
  • Hossein Ghasemi
  • Mansooreh Zarezadeh


The Viable System Model, Broiler Meat Supply Chain, Resource-based View, Circular Organization


This paper deals with diagnosing broiler meat supply chain and designing a new metasystemic (in cybernetic terms) structure for it in Iran. The analysis has been informed by functionalist, interpretive and emancipatory paradigms. A combination of Beer's VSM and SCOR model are utilized for analyzing the situation.  Resourced-based view is used in a complementary role for analyzing system2 requirements and strategic environmental relations. A new structure is proposed for the managerial body of the supply chain applying Ackoff's circular organization model which will relieve existing deficiencies.



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Darivandi Shoushtari, K., Ghasemi, H., & Zarezadeh, M. (2011). Analyzing and Improving Chicken Meat Supply Chain Using Beer’s VSM, SCOR model and Ackoff’s Circular Organization. Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of the ISSS - 2011, Hull, UK, 55(1). Retrieved from