The General Theory of Metadynamics Systemicity


  • Jean-Jacques Blanc


Bioethism, synergy, cosmic physics, early Earth, early Life, systemicity


ABSTRACT Ever since 1996, J.-J. Blanc, the author of this theory, made an extensive research on "Systems science" that induced to his developing a new systemic paradigm in terms of a transdisciplinary approach to "Living systems" that he named “The Bioethism” (see note ). The transdisciplinary approach is meant to support the acquisition of a large understanding of living systems' origin, of their natural structure and their adaptive behaviors. Their specific bonds and traits, as well as their evolution trends, while permanently interacting with environmental events for survival , require actions-reactions from ago-antagonistic signals and stimuli. Endogenous within their body milieu and exogenous, these signals and stimuli are adapting with conditions of ecosystemic and sociosystemic environments. Thereby, living beings are closely linked with and affected by - a) Cosmo-planetary and terrestrial meta-dynamic forces, - b) early Earth metadynamics conditions for Life to have happened - c) the specific biological individualities and social traits and statuses accounting for the biodiversity of species to thrive and/or to get extinct – d) behavioral and evolutionary trends emerging from the systemicity of biological metadynamics sets. For example the drastic extinction of species, except some bacteria, when the Earth became a "snowball" from a nearly total glaciation (-600 Mo/y) and, on the contrary, an extraordinary explosion of marine species bearing new functions (- 545Mo/y) after the planet reheating. At this point of publications, this theory work has required several communications and a few more are expected to come. The “General Theory of Systemicity”, here “fourth part” describes largely the metadynamics systemicity at the origin of Earth and the “hatch” of Life with a progressive apparition of living organisms (pre-viruses…) capable to reproduce, to survive and evolve. This large transdisciplinary work describes the fluxes and moves that structure the complexity of the Universe, the Cosmo-planetary, terrestrial and biological metadynamics that are part of the universal atomic and molecular systemic cycles. For billions of years, fluxes and moves of the universal matter and forces participated in building up stellar systems, the Sun system, and the planet Earth on which a flourishing phenomenon called Life found an adaptable sustainability. Sets of meta-drivers, their systemicity with synergetic moves are sustaining a large number of cycles (water, rocks...) and are permanently adapting, changing environmental events, which occurrence values have to be observed in the short and long term. This 2011 communication stands for a large description of the "Early Earth and the origin of Life’s meta-dynamics systemicity". It also stresses the observation of both the “molecule cycle” and the “universality of metabolism”. In the conclusion, it assumes the fundamental objectivity, evidence and realism of a "General Theory of metadynamics Systemicity".

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Jean-Jacques Blanc

Consulting Engineer



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