A Complex Adaptive Systems Approach for the Green Growth


  • Hyuk Kihl Kwon ISSS member


Green Growth, sustainable development, economic growth, CAS


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As we know, one of the most interesting themes at 21st century is the environmental problems. Also, so many people interested sustainable development and the economic growth. Both of them adhere closely. They are related with environmental sustainability. With a line of connection, “Green Growth” is more interesting theme for Asia-Pacific region people. The Asia-Pacific region has 61 per cent of the world’s population and it covers 40 per cent of the Earth’s land area. Facing Second Millenniums Era, dramatic economic growth has facilitated poverty alleviation and social progress in many parts of the region. But, increasing demands for food, water, shelter, sanitation, energy, health services and economic and human security, all these added pressures make big issues. How are they satisfied with their increasing demands? How meet they the difficult global challenges before them, while simultaneously improving people’s lives and conserving their natural resources? As a result, the Governments in the Asia-Pacific region have unanimously agreed to respond to these challenges through the promising path of environmentally sustainable economic growth, as “Green Growth”

I’d like to research the Asia-Pacific countries’ efforts for environmentally sustainable economic growth, as “Green Growth” by Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS).  

CAS is dynamic systems able to adapt in and evolve with a changing environment. It is important to realize that there is no separation between a system and its environment in the idea that a system always adapts to a changing environment. Rather, the concept to be examined is that of a system closely linked with all other related systems making up an ecosystem. Within such a context, change needs to be seen in terms of co-evolution with all other related systems, rather than as adaptation to a separate and distinct environment. Also, I intend to add software for achieving the Green Growth as Asia-Pacific region people wanted.

Author Biography

Hyuk Kihl Kwon, ISSS member

professor(ph.D) Dept of Ethics Education Chungbuk National University South Korea



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