Health Policy Management, Methodological Issues


  • Jennifer Wilby University of Hull


This paper will present a research project, which integrated approaches from systems modelling and systems science with the methods and tools from the discipline of epidemiology, producing outcomes for the management of international health policy and emerging (and re-emerging) infectious disease (EID). The aim of this research was to provide additional insights into the management of EID, alongside the aims of enriching the practice of systemic practice and epidemiology. The project began with gathering of qualitative ecological and epidemiological data and qualitative human data on risk factors for EID, which were then collated and analysed prior to developing a model of an international health policy framework. Outcomes included: 1) the demonstration that there are contributing risk factors in the emergence of infectious disease not addressed in current policy making procedures for EID; 2) the design of a systems model to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative data for the modelling process, and recommendations for reviewing current and future international health policy frameworks for EID. The implications of this are important in reviewing current EID policies. Further work in this area is suggested to develop the sophistication of the systems model and develop implementations for comparison using both system dynamics and agent based modelling.



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