• Elvira Avalos professor


Knowledge Management, Evolutionary system, Planning models


A telecommunication system is one of the most important kind of infrastructure to support a country national development. That is why is convenient to design an evolutionary system in order to have a system which has the ability to evolve according the changes of technology, social needs and better knowledge. The complexity of this system makes necessary to apply system thinking, strategic thinking, knowledge management and many techniques for achieving the participation of the community. A system approach allow us to identify the main subsystems that should be considered: from the technical point of view, radio, television, telephone, satellite and data communication. In this paper it is proposed to modify the present telecommunication system (TCS) of Mexico to achieve the biggest increase in its value for Mexican people. Almost always the formulation of strategies and public policies of the system are defined in public institutions without the participation of the telecommunication community. In this case, the proposition is that knowledge management should be considered in stock and in practice for solving the problem. In the first solution all the available information is put together in a center place, for every one to access on demand. The second application is based on a evolutionary conversation to create new ideas and new knowledge for the future system. Besides of that it is necessary focus how the information is going to be sent from one place to other through different media: The technical requirement is to improve the way of transmission, in order to assure that the information generated by the source gets the address in a fast, cheap, safe and truthful way. The proposed schema is a solution for implementing the application of the main principles and techniques of Knowledge Management . This schema is enough flexible to use different planning models and many different techniques for assure the participation of people.

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Elvira Avalos, professor

Systems Engineering Dep.Graduated Section



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