• Ricardo Andrés Frias Author
  • Tariana Maia Gessaga Author


Governance, society, laws, democracy


We know the laws, ordinances, decrees and other normative acts that regulate the community life in contemporary societies, are issued by many state agencies, which generally try to give answers to people's needs. The democratic states produce and issue rules that create rights and obligations for members of a given society. This laws are generated by a number of agencies and institutions, leading to a very complex regulatory environment, where often jurisdictions are overlapped and more than once the same subject is regulated, sometimes coherently and other contradictory. That is why the main purpose of this paper is to sketch the idea of a tool that provides a holistic point of view for the issuing process regulations and laws to regulate community life. It is expected that, if this tool is implemented with an appropriate legal instrument, all the draft or proposed legislation should count with a preliminary study on the impact that this rule will have on the environment where will be applied. And here we understand that the meaning of environment as such broad is possible: the natural environment and the social one. With this proposal, urgently we try to reduce the asymmetries that are currently generated by the current regulations process; even by considering the asymmetries produced by the current economic system.

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