The "Cosmo-Planetary and Terrestrial Meta-Dynamics Systemicity"


  • Jean-Jacques Blanc


Systemicity, Bioethism, dynamics, meta-drivers, synergy, cosmic physics, emergence.


Ever since 1996, J.-J. Blanc, as the author, made an extensive research on "Systems science", which induced to his developing a new systemic paradigm in terms of a transdisciplinary approach to "Living systems" that he named “The Bioethism” (see note 1). It is meant to support the acquisition of a large understanding of living systems' origin, of the meaning of their natural structure and their adaptive behaviors, their bonds and evolution trends while permanently interacting with environmental events for survival. These actions-reactions from ago-antagonistic signals and stimuli within their body milieu, their ecosystemic and sociosystemic environments are closely linked with and affected by - a) their specific individual and social status and the diversity of species behavioral evolutionary trends - b) cosmo-planetary and terrestrial meta-dynamic forces. The survey of the different scientific disciplines development concerned with the actual "Science of Systems", shows that the living systems' knowledge of reality is, for too many scientists, in developing their works in the strict philosophy of human "reason" (logic and metaphysics). Excepted, of course, are those disciplines where individual and societal emotion is a paramount understanding of pragmatic survival rules. An adequate learning for a sustainable development of societies, respecting the required survival diversity needs is here based on new general theories the author called “The general meta-dynamics systemicity" and "Life intra-dynamics systemicity” and "The general systemicity". Because they rely on the entire body of forces and dynamics that made and makes physicochemical moves to exist and sustain, by essence the biological ones, and behavioural processes adapting to the permanency of change. At the Life's level of survival intra-dynamics systemicity, the "cosmic meta-dynamics" of universal forces and moves participate in the physicochemical dynamics of the biological world of which systemicity is based on retroactivity building up a temporal sustainability. Consequently, an overview upon the entire body of universal interdependent bio-physicochemical mechanisms, moves, processes and streams interwoven within "3D networks", shows that survival abilities and performances are epigenetically provided from both the convergence of cosmo-planetary forces (magnetic, gravitational…) and terrestrial conditions (geologic, geochemical, geophysical, geo-climatic…), which, retroactively, sustain the Earth and by extension the biological world of individuals and societal systems to exist and survive within a dynamic equilibrium inevitably interdependent of chaotic effects of the thermodynamic entropy. My work, requiring several communications, it was decided to divide its development into different "scientific principles" chapters that support the complexity of cosmo-planetary and terrestrial meta-dynamics systemicity. Their effects are combining interactive physicochemical forces and moves, as emergent results generally referred to their synergistic, their dynamical coordination supporting the meta-drivers systemicity. A few paragraphs of will prepare another communication about "The Life's intra-bio-dynamics systemicity" and the provisional conclusion assumes the future description of the "Theory of a General Systemicity".

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Jean-Jacques Blanc

Consulting Engineer



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