The Traditional Morality of Totalitarianism: Juche Ideology through Hyo


  • Chul Ho Park


Hyo, Juche ideology, Jung Il Kim, Hyo System of Generalizing Possibility


The hyo(filial piety) system of Juche Ideology of the North Korea that leans excessively upon the hyo of obedience gives rise to the criticism that the North Korean political system is too extremely totalitarianism. To keep the North Korean system through Juche Ideology, the regime needs to make use of friendship of hyo in Juche Ideology too. Once the North Korean people's demands are satisfied properly through friendship of hyo, Kim's regime can invigorate the North Korean people to overcome their difficulties. If Jung Il Kim harmoniously makes use of the hyo of obedience and the hyo of friendship in Juche Ideology, he will succeed in keeping his power alive and developing the North Korea regime together.

Author Biography

Chul Ho Park

Sungsan Hyo Graduate School



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