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In a wired world, the information one already knows is becoming less important than how adept one is at conducting effective searches for the information one desires. In the case of publicly-available, indexed information resources such as those made possible by the World Wide Web, content that cannot be found may as well not even exist in terms of its usefulness for human consumption. The need for content to be findable on the Internet presents an important challenge for creators of content intended for consumption on the Web. Specifically, the content one creates must not only be valuable (i.e., useful and relevant within the context of a particular need) to human consumers, but it also must be properly indexed by search engine agents so that it can be made accessible to those consumers in the first place. Given the complexity of this dual requirement, content developers today lack a framework for guiding them in creating content that consistently satisfies both of these requirements. In order to assist the creators of online content to do so in a way that is both findable and valuable to human consumers, the current paper proposes a systems approach to modelling the complex relationship between Web-based content, the immediate content needs of its intended human consumers, and the technology agents that index that content for human consumption. The intended outcome will be a Content Consumer Profile which future content creators can leverage to help them create content effectively and efficiently.

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Jed Jones, Mind Ecology, Inc.

Jed Jones, Ph.D. was born and raised in Southern California. His professional and academic interests include marketing, international business, systems thinking, organizational design, research and the Japanese language. Jed holds a B.A. in Japanese Studies from UCLA, an M.B.A in Marketing from The Paul Merage Business School at UC Irvine, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center. He currently lives with his wife and two children near Austin, Texas.



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