What's the North-Korean Nuclear Weapons' Future?


  • Hyuk Kihl Kwon South Korean Society


Two years before, North-Korean Government sentenced they have been had Nuclear Weapons. In correctly, October 9th, 2006, North Korean Government announced they had tested the Nuclear Weapons at the northern part of their territory. Also, they insisted their testing was successful with in triumph. They sentenced their country will be stronger than any other countries. It’s means that they will have the hegemony of the Korean Peninsula. By the way, South Korea, U.S. and Japan also China didn’t want to accept the North Korean Nuclear Weapons. They worry about the break up with North-Eastern countries’ weapon balance. Also, for South Korean people didn’t want the existence of Nuclear Weapons in Korean Peninsula. They thought the Nuclear Weapons will not be a good environmental condition to unify the divided two Korea. Anyway, the effort to remove the North Korean Nuclear Weapons is most important subject for Asia-Pacific countries. Therefore, they set up Six Party Talks to solve the North Korean Nuclear Weapons. Also, they made the promise to solve the North Korean Nuclear Weapons. On Feb.13, 2007 North Korea and Six Party Talks members agreed to shut down and disable its nuclear programs and weapons in return for incentives provided by other members of Six Party Talks-United States, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea. But, up the present North Korean Government didn’t make a satisfactory response. I wonder if how the North Korean Nuclear Weapons be destined to future. I’d like to research ‘What’s the North Korean Nuclear Weapons’ Future?’ by Complex Systems Approach. Key-words: complex systems, satisfactory response, nuclear weapons, weapon balance.

Author Biography

Hyuk Kihl Kwon, South Korean Society

chungbuk National Univ. Dept of National Ethics Studies Professor. Ph.D



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