Process Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant Using Latest Techniques


  • Jayanthi T


Full Scope replica Simulator, Operator Training, Process Model, Malfunctions and incidents


One of the most significant development in Nuclear Power Plant training methodology is the adoption of Full Scope Replica Simulators in the training programme. Full Scope Replica Simulator is a major step towards enhancing the operator capability and significantly improving the safety of the plant. Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is proved to be an effective and efficient training tool for imparting plant knowledge. Advances in Computer Science and Digital technology have paved a way for implementing new trends in simulation techniques like Full Scope Replica Simulators, Virtual Reality, 3-D Visualization etc. and promise to incorporate additional capabilities and bring about considerable change in training methodologies. The computer based programs representing mathematical models, simulate variety of plant conditions giving control room operator an opportunity to practice by responding to normal and routine conditions as well as emergency and abnormal conditions of the plant. Modelling, simulation combined with visualization techniques can solve many of the challenges brought forth by the emergency conditions in the plant. Presently, there is a strong trend for Full Scope Simulators to pierce into the world of Nuclear Power Plant Operations where they can be used to provide newer insights for operational decision making. This paper discusses the Process Simulation of Condensate and Feed Water System of a Nuclear Power Plant. Both the systems put together make up the regenerative feed water heating system in order to improve the steam cycle efficiency. The main function is to draw the condensate from the condenser, heat and feed it to once through type of Steam Generators. Feed heating is done at six stages consisting of three low pressure heaters, deaerator and two high pressure heaters using bled from Low Pressure / Intermediate Pressure / High Pressure turbine steam extracts. The real time process simulation includes process modeling of all the components associated with the system, incidents and malfunctions and its significance for which the operators need to be trained. It also covers the connected process logics, controls, display of alarms and indications, interconnection with other sub systems of Steam Water System etc.

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Jayanthi T

Basically an Electrical Engineer(B.E Hons) and specialisation in Nuclear Science and Engineering Scientific Officer-G & Designated as Head, Simulation Section, Computer Division, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India-603 102



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