International Relations & Complex Systems Theory


  • Youn-soo Sim


international politics, complex system, international system, political phenomena, international relations


ABSTRACTS Youn-Soo Sim College of Humanities and Social Sciences Honam University 59-1, Seobong-dong, Kwangsan-gu, Kwangju, 506-090, Korea In this paper, we would like to raise the importance of complex systems theory in analyzing the phenomena of international politics while considering the characteristics of the international system that is getting more complex day by day. First, let us examine the meaning that the complex systems theory is held as a new recognition method of a social phenomenon while reviewing the characteristics of complex systems theory and the complex systematic characteristics held by today’s new international system. Next, we explain about the meaning of the nonlinear non-equilibrium thermo-dynamics used in the static analysis of complex system and the major construction concepts and then, we briefly apply this complex systems theory to the actual phenomenon of international politics. Key words: international politics,complex systems, international system, political phenomena, international relations

Author Biography

Youn-soo Sim

Professor, college of Humanities & Social Sciences, Honam University, Korea



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